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Vision and aim

Why is it ueseful to learn how to use these Web 2.0?

We believe that in future even for tree care companies, knowledge is an advantage in competition. It is important for every employer to keep the knowledge of the expierienced workers in the company, even if they leave it.

Building a knowledge base with Web 2.0 can support this goal and if you are building and really using this knowledge base you can use it to train new employees and support all workers enlarging their skills.

With the rapidly growing market for mobile internet devices like netbooks and smartphones and the improved availability of mobile internet service, it is already now possible and quite useful, to have access to given knowledge over the internet.
If you start right now creating structured content justified by your need outside on the construction site, it isn't far away that the worker ouside can pull his smartphone out of the pocket and searches in the company knowledge base to find a solution for the problem he just found.
Or the other way round. He can document a thing he just did directly in the company knowledge base, maybe by taking a video, to make ist easier for the next worker who has to deal with the same problem or work at the same construction site.